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Expert Leak Detection & Leak Repair Atlanta, GA


High water bill?
Unexplained leak?

We specialize in leak detection. We offer fast and affordable leak locating solutions to find and fix your leak. 

Free Evaluation and Estimate

There are many different types of leaks that can happen in and around your home or business from a running toilet to a damaged underground waterline. Many leaks go unnoticed until you find a wet floor, wet spot in the yard or an abnormally high water bill. Whatever the situation, we offer you a free evaluation by observing the plumbing system and using various shutoff valves in reference with the water meter in order to narrow down the leak and determine if you require a simple fix, relocation of a pipe, or equipment and various techniques in order to locate and repair your leak. Once we locate your leak, we can give you an estimate for the repair to fix your leak. 

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